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After talking with Highways officers at SMBC I have been informed of a welcome update regarding traffic at the Monkspath Hall Road / Widney Lane roundabout. As many residents have complained in recent months about the difficulties to cross there, and also fears about cycling. I am pleased to announce some planned improvements.

Above is a visual to show the narrowing of the junction from 3 entry lanes to 2. This will help to reduce entry speed into the roundabout helping pedestrians to cross easier. Traffic surveys were undertaken which did show queue lengths increased, however journey times were not greatly affected.

I myself think this is a welcome upgrade after hearing many residents concerns, and one I am glad to have helped council officers on. The planned Toucan crossing has been dismissed at this time but will be revised if the plans do not have the desired affect on traffic controls. The work is subject to approval, and would be undertaken over the summer when traffic volumes are vastly reduced to minimise works impact.